The Best Scooter Deals for Big City Life

We are all feeling the pinch of the economy, and while gas prices have gone down it still hurts to fill up. Of course not every big city has useful public transportation either, so why not get a scooter? There are so many kinds out there to look at, here a few of my personal favorites for big city life.

1. The Vespa, this is the classic scooter that everyone knows. The Vespa is a classic scooter for a reason, because it works. This scooter came out as a low cost way of transport in 1946, and has had a great career even finding itself in some feature films. It has an elegant style, is easy to use and all around a well known quality product.

2. The Salorr Electric Scooter, this little scooter is cute, and efficient for short city trips. Perfect if your downtown, and doing things in a generalized area. Great for tasks like picking up laundry, groceries and dropping in on a friend. This scooter has features that boast a third wheel for added stability, a high speed of 15mph, with a 16mile range.

3. The Rocket Maui MC-08 50cc Scooter is my third choice and heads right back on over to your bigger gas powered street legal’s. This is a sleek, very modern looking scooter that will get you anywhere you need to go. This model claims a 4-stroke engine and makes for a very quite ride. It’s extremely easy to handle with a twist grip throttle to control your speed, making this scooter durable and dependable on the road.

4. The 150cc Race Scooter 808 another gas powered scooter, I couldn’t help myself in my choice with this one, because lets face it sometimes you want to be racy and fast. This scooter fit’s the bill for that, with a 4 stroke 1 cylinder engine, fast responses and no vibration. This scooter also boasts a heavy duty suspension system that will make even a 100 mile trip comfortable on you.

5. TheX-Treme XG-470 49cc Gas Scooter is my final pick and its another smaller model, this is a very low cost scooter that the whole family can enjoy. It has a 2 stroke engine, automatic transmission, and front and rear breaks. This little fun bug will get you 20 plus miles per tank, making it ideal for close quarters in the city.

Weather you go electric, or gas, big or small a new scooter is a wise choice in today’s city living. They are fun, fast and affordable, with a wide arrange of choices to fit every need.