Is it worth getting a gaming chair?

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The way we sit is not just important for our comfort but it is also essential to our health. But choosing the right chair can be difficult. As with many products these days there is a huge selection available online. Having had the pleasure of testing a few before settling on one I have to say that a gaming chair is the best mix of comfort, practicality and gives great support for the back and arms. So how did I come to this conclusion and what should you look for when choosing a gaming chair?

The most basic thing to check is obviously if you like the style. Your health comes first but no one is going to buy a gaming chair that they don’t like the look of and that is just a fact. Many gaming chairs have an ergonomic design which means that they not only have great back support but also they look pretty cool too! There also the other styles which are like bucket seats. These are super cool and very comfortable but do not offer as much support for your back.

The second thing to look at is to make sure that it has an adjustable height function. This is important as you do not want to site too low or too high whilst staring at a screen for many hours. This can be very bad for your neck, shoulders and upper back which can lead to intense neck pains. This is a pretty basic function and most gaming chairs will have them but not all.

According to the IT Directory at you can get an adjustable height gaming chair for quite an affordable price. This is perfect if you are on a budget as it will do the job without costing you more than  you may have bargained for.Other gaming chairs such as the X Rocker are a lot more expensive and are very good chairs but not worth the price different compared to the IT Directory in our opinion.


What are the best used iPhone’s for sale?

iphone's for sale in Ireland reveals the stats on the best selling used phones for the month of July 2018 as the new month rolls in. The iPhone being the top-selling used phones on, the iPhone 6s is still leading the sales. iPhone 6s has been the top choice for used phones for several months. The iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 comes in close as well securing the second and third slots respectively. Besides iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel 2XL also make to the list of Top Ten best selling used phones on With the released of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, more S7 and Note 8 phones are likely to increase sales. Samsung Galaxy phones are expected to be making the top selling phones this month. The only way to know is to come back next month and find out.

The top ten best selling used smartphones on in July 2018 are as follows:

1. Apple iPhone 6s ( average price €218)

2. Apple iPhone 7 (average price €358)

3. Apple iPhone 7 Plus ( average price €456)

4. Apple iPhone 6 ( average price €152)

5. Apple iPhone X ( average price €822)

6. Samsung Galaxy S7 ( average price €206)

7. Apple iPhone SE (average price €155)

8. Apple iPhone 8 Plus (average price €647)

9. Google Pixel 2 XL (average price €532)

10. Apple iPhone 6s Plus (average price €287) Buy and sell used phone

Regardless of which brand or model of phones you look for, has a vast collection of used phones. They have the best Cheap iphones for sale in Ireland store that offer a 1 year warranty.

Buying or selling used phones on is safer, simpler and more convenient. You need not pay any additional fee for doing business with

What is this big hoverboard phase?

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It is coming up to Christmas and all over the internet I am beginning to see ads for the hoverboard. So we done some research into what they were and I have actually come across them before but they used to be called self balancing scooter when they first came out if I am not mistaken. They are only around a few years and I remember there were a few news articles about issues with the battery of the hoverboard when they were first released. The batteries were over heating and catching fire. Now when I say the batteries I mean a handful out of thousands but it was still a hazard.

Having googled hoverboard Ireland I can see there are many suppliers in Ireland guaranteeing the safety of their boards. I am sure over the last few years and according to some quick research all of the boards sold now have to be EU certified as well as various electronic certifications needed to be sold in the USA and other countries. We also came across an article saying that many shipments in Ireland were stopped in 2015 due to the concerns over the batteries.

They seem more popular than ever considering this but to be fair after having a Google all these incidents go back to 2015 or early 2016. Another thing worth noting is that it is illegal to take them on the road, though that is not a big surprise. You are not paying tax to have your hoverboard here in Ireland so you cannot take it on the road although in saying that you don’t pay tax to ride a bike on the road either so there is always going to be that argument.

You are of course allowed to use your hoverboard on your own property or land. There are even off road hoverboards available so if you own a bit of land as many of us do here in Ireland then you can try taking your board off road. Looking at trends for this year these could be the big thing in this year so keep your eye pealed!

Why You Need a Dash Cam To Protect Yourself On The Road

dash cam

As you have probably guessed by the name a dash cam is a small device that you can mount on the dashboard of your car or sometimes even on the windscreen that will allow you to record your driving. The technology was first developed to be used for police cars in the United States as a way of recording evidence, high speed chases and also monitoring officers activities. This was used to great success and in many cases in court dash cam evidence was used to prove/disprove a case.

Over the last several years the dash cam technology has become extremely popular all over the world as the price has come down significantly. In countries such as Russia where insurance scams were extremely popular many people used dash cams to protect themselves from insurance fraud. Often people in Ireland wonder if dash cams are legal and of course they are. There is no reason for them not to be and not only that but many insurance companies are encouraging their users to use dash cams and are even offering money off their insurance cover if they can prove they have a dash cam in the car.

So how do you install a dash cam and how does it work? Installing a dash camera is super easy and it should only take a few minutes. Most dash cams can be installed DIY so there is no need to take it to a garage. The dash cam will constantly record usually on a loop record function so you will never miss any important footage. Dash cams as low as €50 will have this sort of function and the majority of dash cams will also have night vision, impact recording and other important features. Most cameras will have the recording go onto an SD card or an internal hard drive and as they have loop record there is no need to keep changing the SD card. So if you want to protect yourself on the roads this is a great low cost option to use.

Buying Wireless Headphones – Top 5 Things To Consider

With no clutter and complete convenience, the wireless products are proving very popular compared to the older and wired options. Yet while it comes about headphones, cutting a cord isn’t always very straightforward. The Bluetooth powered headphones, particularly, often get the bad rap. They offer many benefits, but, when you know all issues involved. Here, we will take a close look at some very important things that you have to know of wireless headphones.

Wireless Types Available

There are 3 different kinds of the wireless headphones that can be split into 2 categories —one that needs separate transmitter, and one that does not need it.

Amazing Sound Quality and Bluetooth

The biggest argument for using the Bluetooth headphones was that they offered very poor quality of sound. This was only because Bluetooth wasn’t made for streaming best quality of music.


The early versions of Bluetooth audio were very heavy, and produced the harsh and digital sound. With demand, more focus was put on making certain improvements in the subsequent versions.


Another issue with the Bluetooth headphones was latency. It is a short delay between the audio signal entering your headphones when you hear it. You will not notice this lag when you are listening to music, but if you are watching any video the sound will be out of sync. have a great range of high latency headphones.

Battery Life

The wireless headphones need their power supply. This may come in a form of built-in battery or disposable batteries. For the headphones that need wireless transmitter, this transmitter often will double up as the charging dock.

Remote Control

Lots of wired headphones sport the wired remote on a cable. It can be used to stop or skip any music tracks, and take or reject the calls —often they have the small microphone integrated. The wireless headphones do not have such option. But, almost all sets can build basic controls, all along with a microphone, in the earpieces.

The Future of the Kodi Box

The kodi box has become something of a cult hit in recent years as they have become one of the most popular electronic items of the last 5 years and it is easy to see why. A kodi box will allow you to turn your TV into a computer so that you can access Youtube, play games and even watch movies and TV on demand all from this little TV box. Another reason they are so popular is that they are so affordable and can be gotten for as little as $100 which is not a whole lot of money considering what the boxes allow you to do.

kodi box

Many people have cancelled their expensive TV subscriptions and bought a kodi box instead as it is only an upfront fee and runs solely through the internet so no need for installations or the need for a satellite dish.  This is particularly important for those living in apartment blocks where satellite dishes are not allowed. With a kodi box you can be up and running straight away as all you have to do is connect it to your WIFI connection and you can instantly access movies, TV shows, play music and more on your TV.

It is important when shopping for a Kodi box to use a good supplier than is selling original branded boxes and not cheap clones. In Australia the website sells a range of kodi boxes for quite a good deal and they are all equipped with original Amlogic chips. It is also important to buy from a supplier that will give a good back up service as there can be a bit of a learning curve with the Kodi box.

So if you are looking to turn your TV into an all in one entertainment hub on a budget then this could be the answer. They also work well with 5.1 surround sound so I would recommend getting a nice set of speakers to go with it and on a budget you can get the whole lot for about $250 online so it is not breaking the bank.